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M.T.Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex 19 Borodin St. +7 (3412) 51-34-52, 51-45-38 Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM, ticket office – till 6.30 PM.
Thursday: 11.00 AM to 09.00 PM, ticket office – till 08.30 PM.
Monday - the day off.
The Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms oriented to a widest audience, the expositions and exhibitions representing the arms, its elaboration and production, present an interest both for children and adults. The cognitive and educational programs, excursions and lectures have different structure, adjusted for interests of both experts and newcomers.
Udmurt Republic Museum of Fine Arts 128 Kirov St. +7 (3412) 43-17-85 Daily 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM Thursday: 10 AM to 8 PM Saturday: 12 PM to 8 PM

except Mondays

In the Museum of Fine Arts works of artists and national masters of Udmurtia, graphics, paintings, crafts, late Russian icons and sculptures are exhibited. Each collection to some extent reflects development of graphic and crafts in Russia in the XIX-XX centuries.
Udmurt Republic National Museum named after Kuzebay Gerd 287 Kommunarov St. +7 (3412) 526-477 Tuesday - Sunday:10.00 AM to 6.00 PM Thursday: 1 PM to 9 PM except Mondays The Udmurt Republic National Museum named after Kuzebay Gerd is the state scientific, research, cultural and educational institute, methodological center of the museum network of the region. It presents a system of exhibitions allowing a person to get an idea about nature and history of the region that is the historical ancestral home of the Finno-
Ugric peoples. The ethnic history of Udmurts, Russians, Maris and Tatars living in the Republic is reflected in reach collections and museum complexes of national clothing, utensils and other exhibits relating to lifestyle, traditions, rites and religions of the region’s peoples.
Museum of Izhevsk 4 Militcionnaya St.
+7 (3412) 56-44-19
Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM except Mondays In December, 2012 the Izhevsk City Administration made a decision to establish the Museum of the city of Izhevsk in the territory of the city embankment where a number of objects of historical and cultural heritage are preserved.
The first facility of the Museum is the so-called General’s house – a mansion where chiefs of the Izhevsk arms factory and members of their families were living.
The Museum of Izhevsk will not only present exhibits connected with the past and the present of the city but will also give its guests a unique opportunity to get acquainted with citizens’ lives and stories.
Architectural and ethnographical open-air museum "Ludorvay" 13 Pastukhov St., Izhevsk (management) Zavyalovsky district, 2 km far from Ludorvay village (museum) +7 (3412) 569-337

Daily 10.00 AM to 5 PM

except Mondays

The museum is an open-air reserve located in 17 km from Izhevsk. General square of the museum is 39,9 hectares. In the museum there are three ethnographic sectors dedicated to the central and southern Udmurts, Russian sector, and a windmill. The complex of constructions is presented here: houses, cages, barn sheds, family sanctuaries.
Municipal Autonomous Cultural Institution “Galereya” Exhibition Centre 244a Karl Marx St. +7 (3412) 43-25-70, 43-33-68 Monday – Friday: 09.30 AM – 8.00 PM
10.00 AM – 6.00 PM

“Griphon” art center 268 Pushkinskaya St. (International East European university) +7 (3412) 43-49-97 Monday – Sunday: 10.00 AM – 7 PM

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