System of preschool education

Since 1998 a multilevel system of preschool education has been functioning and successfully developing in Izhevsk; it includes:

- The Department of preschool education and upbringing of the Izhevsk City Administration;

principle task: to control the process of the state policy implementation in the sphere of the preschool education taking into consideration regional specificity, to provide coordinating and methodological support;

- District centers of preschool education and upbringing;

principle task: to create conditions for effective functioning and development of the network of preschool educational institutions in a district in accordance with citizens’ requirements;

- Preschool educational institutions;

principle task: to protect and to strengthen physical and psychological children’s health; to secure intellectual personal development;

- The Centre of advanced training and retraining for employees working in the system of preschool education “Alternativa”;

principle task: training of employees and employers, improvement of professional knowledge and skills.

The city has 214 pre-school educational institutions and 98 educational institutions.

General education system

General education includes primary, general and secondary education. There are 11 years of schooling. Children begin their school days at the age of 6-7.

Principle task: to form general culture, to adapt a child to the social realities, to create a basis for deliberate choice and for mastering professional and educational programs.

The system of schools with  higher educational standards 12 specialized high schools and 4 grammar schools. There are 12 schools with in-depth study of specific subjects that successfully work and develop.

Higher education

Udmurt State University

Udmurt State University
Mr. M. Kalashnikov and rector of ISTU Mr. B. Yakimovich
Izhevsk State Medical Academy
Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
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