International and regional cooperation

Izhevsk participates in the activities of Russian and international organizations that represent interests of institutions of local government.

Izhevsk has been a part of the Union of Russian Cities organization since 1992. The URC consists of 87 Russian cities, 69 of which are the capitals of regions of Russia. The URC was created on 13th March 1991 to promote establishment and development of local governments.

The organisation’s main aims are:

•Promotion of sustainable development of cities – points of economical growth and centers of social development in Russian Federation.

•Analysis of social and economical development of Russian cities to find future directions of development and create conditions for their realization.

•Joint work with federal government to fulfill and promote the cities’ potential.

•Accumulation and sharing of the positive experience between member cities.

•Development of recommendations and propositions for all levels of authorities of member cities, to achieve effective social and economic development of cities and raising living standard.

Since 1995 Izhevsk has also been participating in the global WHO Healthy Cities project. It engages local governments in health development through a process of political commitment, institutional change, capacity-building, partnership-based planning and innovative projects. About 90 cities are members of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network, and 30 national Healthy Cities networks across the WHO European Region have more than 1400 cities and towns as members.

The primary goal of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network is to put health high on the social, economic and political agenda of city governments. Health is the business of all sectors, and local governments are in a unique leadership position, with power to protect and promote their citizens’ health and well-being.

Since 2011 Izhevsk has also been a member of the Association for Healthy Cities, Districts, and Settlements which is an organization of participants of the WHO Healthy Cities initiative.

Moreover, since 1997 Izhevsk has been presented in the Association of Municipalities “Cities of Ural” that unites 34 cities and 10 regions of the Russian Federation. The main directions of its functioning are: economic and informational work, legislative activities and protection of the city’s interests, exchanging of experience, foreign policy.

On September 3rd, 1998, executive power bodies of 7 capitals and 19 large cities of 9 countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States established public non-governmental organization – the International Assembly of capitals and large cities with the purpose to organize joint activities aimed at social and economic development of cities. Nowadays 85 cities, including Izhevsk, from 9 CIS countries are the members of this organization.

In 2000 the first Mayor of Izhevsk Anatoliy Saltykov signed the Aalborg Charter “The Cities of Europe on the way to sustained development”. In order to put into practice the principles of the Charter, the Strategy of the sustainable development of the city of Izhevsk was elaborated.

Since 2002 Izhevsk has been a full member of the International Organization “European Cities Against Drugs” (ECAD). ECAD is Europe's leading organization promoting a drug free Europe and representing millions of European citizens. Drug dealing and drug abuse cause enormous problems in Europe. Nations and their citizens are affected by the consequences of drug abuse. ECAD member cities work to develop initiatives and efforts against drug abuse supporting the United Nations Conventions which oppose legalization and promote policies to eradicate drug abuse worldwide.

Since 2004 Izhevsk has been actively participating in the activities of Eurasia regional section of the World organization United cities and local governments (WO UCLG). WO UCLG is a voluntary international alliance of associations, unions and individual municipalities established in 2004 in order to represent rights of citizens at the level of local self-government. UCLG is the most powerful and influential institution in the field of interaction of local governments, their representation at the international level and implementation of democratic principles. At the moment UCLG unites more than 1000 cities and world associations and represents over half the world's population. WO UCLG consists of 7 regional sections. Eurasia section of UCLG is the youngest and the most dynamically developing, it consists of more than 100 cities and associations of local authorities of the CIS countries and Mongolia. Members of the Euro-Asian sections have hosted many events of national and international level. The headquarters of the Eurasian office are located in Kazan.

Since 2006 Izhevsk has been a member of the Association for Development and Support of Local Governments “Council of Municipalities of the Udmurt Republic”. The Udmurt Republic consists of 341 municipal structures: 5 urban districts, 25 municipal areas, 2 urban and 309 rural settlements. The municipalities are autonomous bodies with their own authority and functions, legal entity rights, representative and executive bodies.

The founding treaty was signed on 5th May 2006 by the Heads of the cities (or their associates).

The main aims of the Council are:

• Coordination of activities and cooperation between local governments of the Udmurt Republic.

• Organization of cooperation between local governments and state bodies, business and non-profit organizations.

• Organization of cooperation between local governments from Udmurtia and governments from other regions of Russia.

• Protection and development of economical basis of local governments.

• Participation in the national association of municipal structures.

• Rendering assistance in solving social and economic issues in the Udmurt Republic

• Rendering assistance in lowering social unrest, raising the living standard and struggle with extremism.

• Participation in accordance with the established procedure in development and/or approval of municipal legal acts, Udmurt Republic or Russian Federation legal acts connected with the interests of the Council.

• Provision of methodical, organizational and law assistance for the local governments.

In 2008 Izhevsk became the only Russian city participating in the joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission "Intercultural cities".

In 2015 the city of Izhevsk became a member of the Association of Volga region cities.

The Association was established in 1998 with a purpose of coordination of activities of the Volga region cities. Today this interregional organization is one of the most dynamically developing ones in Russia. Among its members there are such large cities as Astrakhan, Volgograd, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Samara, Saransk, Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Cheboksary that have collected significant experience of managing municipal facilities and services and solving city problematic issues.

These cities are compactly situated on the map of Russia and are united by similar social and economic conditions, which allows effective exchange of experiences.

Thus, Izhevsk takes an active part in the process of functioning of various organizations that have versatile cooperation on local and international scale, economic, social and politic development being its main purposes.

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