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Maracay (the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)

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Geographical location


Maracay is situated in the northern part of Venezuela. The city is located 25 km away from the Caribbean coast, from which it is separated with a ridge, 80 km west of Karakas and 3 km east of the lake Valencia.




Maracay was established in the second part of the XVIIth century by a bishop Diego de Bagnos Sotomayor. According to the most widespread version, the city was named after a local chief “Maracayo”, that means “a small tiger”. Other etymologies refer to the name of a local tree “Mara”.




Maracay is an industrial and trade centre, the city produces paper, textile chemicals, tobacco products, cement, derivative products from cattle such as milk, or meat conserves, and also soap and perfumery.

Although it is an industrial centre, its outskirts are agricultural, where sugarcane, tobacco, coffee and cocoa are produced as the main products. In the city cattle-breeding and logging activities are developed.




The principal universities of the city are:

· Central University of Venezuela, Maracay campus (UCV);

· University of Carabobo state, La Morita campus (UC);

· Pedagogical experimental university n.a. Libertador, Maracay campus (UPEL);

· National polytechnic experimental university of national armed forces, Maracay campus (UNEFA);

· National experimental university n.a. Simon Rodriguez (UNESR);

· Bicentennial University of Aragua (UBA).


Places of interest


The Opera House, the Triumphal Arch, the Mausoleum of Gomez, the National Park of Henry Pitier, the Anthropological museum, the museum of Aviation, the museum of the modern art “Mario Abreu” are among the main places of interest of Maracay.


Areas of cooperation between twin-cities


The agreement on establishment of twinning relationship between the city of Maracay, Aragua Province, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the city of Izhevsk, the Udmurt Republic, the Russian Federation was signed on July 25, 2006.


The principal areas of the cooperation:

· Cooperation in the fields of oil and food industries;

· Cooperation between colleges;

· Teaching of 11 students from Venezuela in Izhevsk universities;

· Building of the plant “Kavim” in the city of Maracay;

· Exchange of experience of local self-government;

· Cooperation of industrial enterprises.


The additional directions of the cooperation:

· Participation of the Venezuela’s orchestra in the festival of young musicians “Tchaikovsky’s motherland”;

· Exchange of the universities’ students and professors;

· Cooperation between secondary schools;

· Organization of photo exhibitions.

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