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Honouring Pyotr Shuvalov and Andrei Deryabin

On June 12, on the Day of Russia Day and Day of the City of Izhevsk, the Head of the City of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetev and the Chairman of the Izhevsk City Council Oleg Garin laid flowers at the monuments of Pyotr Shuvalov, the founder of our city, and Andrei Deryabin, founder of the Izhevsk arms factory.

Count Pyotr Shuvalov conducted the building of the Ironworks and Izhevsk was founded as a small working village in 1760.

The rebirth of Izhevsk is associated with 1807, when, under the guidance of an engineer Andrei Deryabin, an arms factory was built on the river Izh in order to establish weapons production.

Paying tribute to the founders of Izhevsk and its most important plant on the City Day is a good tradition of the capital of Udmurtia.  

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